Classes/ Price 10 Island Race

*NEWS 2017*

Race class will use same type kayaks. All to level the playing field and make it more exciting. Men and mix class will use single kayaks (K1) and ladies use double kayaks (K2).

In 10 Island Race 2017 we will have one winning team. Men’s Race class will start 40 min after Mix- and Ladies class, a delay calculated based on the winning times of the last three years with a balance. First team to cross the finish line wins the race and 10.000 SEK in price money. Second team wins 5.000 SEK and third 2.500 SEK.

Registration fees and overview

Included in the registration fee all classes:
  • Registration
  • 2 finisher t-shirts
  • 2 tickets to the dinner and the After Race Party
  • 2 swim caps (to be used during swims)
  • 2 maps
  • The chance of winning nice prices from our partners
  • Race class includes kayak, canopy and paddle.
Starting times
  • Open Class: 09:00
  • Race Mix/Ladies: 09:20
  • Race Men’s: 10:00

All prices are given in SEK and including VAT

Type Time Race Classes (incl kayak) Open Class
Early Bird Feb 24 – March 5 3200 2700
Ordinary March 6 – June 16 3500 3000
Late Adopter June 17 – Aug 13 4000 3500
Kajak/ Surfski Standard
- Single kayak: Men/Mix
- Double kayak: Ladies
Any type; single, double, surfski
Max time Men, 8 hrs
Ladies/ Mix, 8 hrs 40 min
9 hrs

Race Class

For the seasoned multisport contestants who wants to compete in 10 Island Race. Challenge yourself and your colleague/ team mate/ friend/ wife/ husband etc. You can compete in Men’s, Women’s or the Mixed Class.

Open Class

For the contestants who see the race as a challenge against yourself and the environment. Get to really enjoy all the 10 beautiful islands of Öckerö and start your training in time in order to be prepared for 10 Island Race. Your team can use a bit more time than in the race classes and you can choose if you want to use surfski, single or double kayaks.