Rules TIR

1. Organization

Organizer: Virgin Bay Multisport
Organization Number: 802471-2310

2. Basics

Each team shall consist of at least two persons (for more information, please see each respective class) and the participants shall be at least 18 years of age and be able to swim in open water on the day of the race. Excemptions from the age requirement are only granted if accompanied by a guardian and by special permission from the Race Committee.

3. Classes

There are three main classes in 10 Island Race. The differences are described below:

3.1 Race classes

The race classes are the classes where you in a team of two compete for the prices along the course. Both the sprint prices and the finish prices. This class includes the limitation that only single cayaks/ surskis are allowed. The maximum time for the race classes are also shorter than the other classes.

  • Men’s class: maximum time 7 hours
  • Women’s class: maximum time 8 hours
  • Mixed class: maximum time 8 hours

3.2 Open class

in the open class you compete in teams of two and are allowed to use the cayak or sursfki of your choice, i.e. both single and double cayaks.

  • Maximum time, 9 hours

4. Registration

By paying the registration fee, the participant approvest of the rules set down below.

The registration fee for 10 Island Race shall be paid in accordance with the specifications set forth on the invoice. Any missed payment of the invoice equals cancellation of the registration.

The data on the team and the participants shall be properly and correctly completed.

The registration is binding after payment is made and no refund is given. Please see the race information for information on cancellation- and accident insurance.

It is only allowed to replace half of the team members in each team, replacing both members automatically cancel the registration and the place will be given to the first team on the reserve list. Name changes must be notified to the Race Committee no later than one week before the race.

5. Security

The participants compete in Ten Island Rrace at their own risk.

During the swimrun section of the race, the team members are not allowed to be more than ten (10) meters apart from each other, during the paddling section the team members are not allowed to be more than thirty (30) meters apart from each other. During the paddling section, the idea is that the team members shall be as close to each other as needed in order to be able to help their team mate in case of an incident.

If something were to happen during the race, all participants are jointly and severally liable to help any teammate or fellow participant in need.

For security reasons there will be safety boats along the course designated by the Race Committee. If you need help, the signal for attracting attention is to move the arm in a sweeping motion above the head.

Teams that quit the race are responsible for reporting this to the race organizationas soon as possible.

VIn extreme weather conditions the Race Committee reserves the right to either change the design of the course in order to conduct the event or cancel the race if the weather conditions are to severe to complete the race in a secure manner for the participants.

6. Jury

The jury consists of the race director and two members of the organizing staff. The jury decides on disqualification, time penalty, protests and any course- or rule changes. The jury’s decision is final and definite.

7. The Race

The race is about the teams running, paddling and swimming through a designated course. The course will be partly marked and consist of partly simple orienteering.

Mandatory security equipment shall be brought and worn correctly (pleas see section Equipment).

To deviate from the designated path in order to shorten the route is prohibited and will lead to immediate disqualification.

Any protest must be made to the jury in writing not more than one hour after the finish and contain:

  1. Time and position
  2. Involved team’s number
  3. Description of the situation
  4. Witnesses (is possible)

Taking the help of conveyances or persons outside the organization is prohibited and will lead to immediate disqualification.

The participants must respect fellow participants, the race organization, the audience and residents in the area.

Doping, according to the Swedish RF, is in any and all forms prohibited.

8. The race course

The race course will be marked with lane marking tape, buoys and flags and simple map orienteering.

During the paddling section, the catching- and insertion place will be marked and the cayaks/surskis shall be put on the designated places during the running section.

Service checkpoints for water and energy are placed along the running section of the course. It is not allowed to use any peddling other than at these designated service checkpoints.

Any littering is prohibited and will lead to immediate disqualification. Any litter shall be disposed of in the garbage bags that are placed at the service checkpoints.

Animal life shall be respected along the course and any reckless behaviour could lead to disqualification.

There will be opportunities to change equipment after the last paddling section, prior to the finishin swimming- and running sections.

The timekeeping will start at the starting shot and will stop when the team checks in at the finish, at a finish duel the position will be determined by the team that first crosses the finish line.

The jury reserves the right to change the distances of the course and any time limits up until two (2) hours prior to the start of the race.

9. Equipment

During the entire race, it is a requirement that the teams carry the security equipment listed below. Random inspections will take place and teams that do not have the mandatory equipment will be disqualified. For any equipment that is specific for the paddling/ swimming/ running section there will be opportunities to change the equipment at the cayak/ surfski drop off point.

9.1. Mandatory equipment to be carried by each participant during the entire race

  1. Whistle
  2. First aid kit
  3. Start number must be prominently displayed throughout the entire race.
  4. Equipment for timing / tracking

9.2. Mandatory equipment during the paddling section

  1. Approved life jacket
9.2.1. Race class Men, Mixed, Women
  1. Only covered single cayak and surfski is allowed.
9.2.2. Other classes
  1. Covered cayak and surfski of choice, i.e. both single and double cayaks.

9.3. Mandatory equipment during the swimming/running section

  1. Swim cap, shall be worn at water passages.

9.4. Recommended equipment

  1. Goggles
  2. Water / Energy Drink
  3. Quick energy in the form of i.e. energy bar or gel

9.5. Permitted equipment

  1. Goggles
  2. Fins
  3. Mask/ snorkle
  4. Hand paddle
  5. Towing line
  6. Hand pump to the cayak
  7. Buoyancy aids on max 60cmx100cm
  8. Life vest

In order to be entitled to use equipment not mentioned above, an approval from the organization is needed.Register any special equipment in connection with the registration.

9. Maximum times/ Stop times

There will be two stop times along the path, which means that participants that has not passed the following locations at the specified time, we will be forced to stop from further competition. This is because of the safety of participants. Locations and times for these are presented in race-PM.

There are different maximum times, in order to be able to differentiate the starting times, dependant on your class. Maximum times:

  • Men’s class: 7 hours
  • Women’s class: 8 hours
  • Mixed class: 8 hours
  • Open class: 9 hours

10. Media

The race organization has the right to photograph and film the participants throughout the entire race day.

The race organization has the right to publish any photo- and filmmaterial freely through the internet, TV, radio, newspapers, during and after the race.

11. Sprint prices

For the race classes there will be a number of sprint prices along the course.

The winner of the sprint prices will be the teams who passes each sprint price respectively and that finishes and thereby completes 10 Island Race. The team that came first to any of the places for spring prices but that did not complete 10 Island Race will lose the sprint price to the team that was first to the places for sprint prices and that completed the whole race.

12. Prices

Prices are guaranteed to the winning team in the race classes. The level of the prices are dependent on the number of registered teams in each class.

  • 0-5 registered teams: 0 kronor
  • 5-10 registered teams: Prices at the value of at least 2500 kronor
  • 10-15 registered teams: Prices at the value of at least 5000 kronor
  • 15+ registered teams: Prices at the value of at least 7500 kronor

In addition to the prices for the winning teams, there will be a draw of high end prices from our sponsors among the participants and teams who passes the finish line, regardless of class or placement.

13. Insurance/ Cancellation

Participation in Ten Island Race is at your own risk. For Swedish contestants there is an insurance, “Startklar”. With “Startklar” it is possible to get the full registration fee back if you get injured or sick and are unable to start the race. Included in the “Startklar” is also an accident insurance, the insurance terms and information can be found here