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Maps 10 Island Race

10 Island race is a challenging multisport course in a beautiful setting in the archipelago north of Gothenburg. Below you will find maps and an in depth description of the race.

Here you can study the official map for Ten Island Race:
karta till Ten Island Race

Below can you find the course for both parts; the paddle/ run and the swimrun.

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Below can you find the preliminary course for the updated swimrun part:

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Moment, Legs and Distances 10 Island Race

How many legs and how far is each leg? See below table for information regarding every leg of the course:

Leg Running Paddling Swimming Note
1 4,6 - - Start Hönö Klåva to kajakstart
2 - 3 - To Grötö
3 0,9 - - Grötö
4 - 1,4 - To Kalvsund
5 0,9 - - Kalvsund
6 - 4,3 - To Björkö
7 1,4 - - Björkö
8 - 1,5 - To Knippla
9 0,9 - - Knippla
10 - 3,4 - To Rörö
11 1,9 - - Rörö
12 - 1 - To Hyppeln
13 1,1 - - Hyppeln
14 - 3,6 - To Hälsö och kajakupplägg
15 2,6 - - To färjeläget
16 - - 0,03 To Burö
17 1,1 - - Burö, Ängholmen
18 - - 0,05 To Äxholmen
19 0,5 - - Äxholmen
20 - - 0,2 To Fånyttan
21 0,2 - - Fånyttan
22 - - 0,2 To St. Rävholmen, Öckerö
23 0,4 - - fr St to Lilla Rävholmen
24 - - 0,18 Alkeviken
25 3,4 - - Öckerö
26 - - 0,22 To Hönö
27 1,3 - - Röberga, Hönö
28 - - 0,11 Ersdalsviken
29 0,9 - - Kråkudden to Räveskär
30 - - 0,25 Räveskärsbukten
31 0,9 - - To Starrsvik, Lapposand
32 - - 0,26 To Starrsviksholmen
33 0,1 - - Starrsviksholmen
34 - - 0,4 To Båtsmannsbratt
35 2,4 - - To Hotell Trubaduren and the finish line!
Tot 25,5 18,2 1,9 45,6

Course Description in text
The start is in the centre of Hönö, Hönö Klåva just outside of Hotel Trubaduren. The first leg is running along the harbor and pathways towards Fotö. You will pass the Fotö bridge to Fotö to aim for the highest point of the island, the water tower for the first check point.

Back across the bridge to find the kayaks/ surfskis on the east side of the bridge. Paddle across to Grötö where you will leave the kayaks on the north east beach to run for the check point.
From Grötö across the fairway where the yellow ferries took you to Hönö against Kalvsund. Run to “Valen” which is the red pyramide on the top. Do not forget about the view before running back to kayaks and head for Björkö. The peak of Björkö is really beautiful, take the check point and head back to the kayaks.
A short but intense leg to Knippla and its narrow beach. Follow the instructors where to place the kayaks and head for the water tower. Prepare for one of the longest paddle legs to reach Rörö. Run across the astonishing natural reserve for the check point. The next paddle leg will make you reach Hyppeln and the toughest running leg due to the terrain. Reach the highest point of the race with stunning views from the check point.

Time for the last paddle leg and also the trickiest one due to the open ocean from west. Cross the fairway to Hälsö where you will leave the kayaks and change for the Swimrun clothes and the second phase of Ten Island Race.

Make a loop at Hälsö to reach Stuvö-Valö and down for the first swim crossing at Burö harbor. Follow the pathway southwards from here across the small islands Ängholmen, Äxholmen, Fårnyttan to finally reach the northern part of Öckerö and Stora Rävholmen (The Big Fox Islet..).

Run across Stora Rävholmen to Lilla Rävholmen and swim to Alkeviken. From there you can see the highest peak of Öckerö and the check point. Down and follow the trails and roads to Jakobs Bratt and the swim to Hönö.

Follow the cliffs and coastline westwards from the entry point. Across Röbergen and a swim across Ersdalsviken. Follow the beautiful cliffs and typical coast terrain across the natural reserve in Ersdalen to Kråkudden. It is time for the most challenging swim legs, the one across Räveskärsbukten to Räveskärsudden. Thereafter the longest swim leg, across Lapposandsviken. Swim to the checkpoint at Starrsviskholmen and continue across the bay to Båtsmans Bratt.

The finish line is getting closer! Stretch your legs and run for the water tower at Hönö. Down again and run for Hönö Klåva. You are back where it all started, just one swim across the harbor and let the audience on the harbor see what you are accomplishing during this type of race! Take the last checkpoint at Långholmen and back to the harbor and the fisherman museum at Hönö. Climb the net and run the last 200m to the finish line. You did it! Be proud, let your family and friends congratulate you and your team mate!

The race committee reserves the right to conduct changes in the course description without further notice. The highest peaks of the islands is up to the judgement of the race committee.
Ten Island Race is not a race for you who want to have a predictable race. The weather on the race day will influence and determine if the race will be a really nice day in the archipelago or a fight to reach the finish line. No matter the weather we are confident that Ten Island Race will be a great experience for all contestants and an accomplishment to be proud of!