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Map of Ten Island Swimrun
Ten Island Swimrun offer a challenging course in a spectacular environment. Something that former contestants are repeating over and over again; the Ten Island Swimrun course are among the most beatiful courses I have ever experienced! Below you find the map and explanation of the complete course.

The Ten Island Swimrun course is taped but by studying at the map you can see the course and its different sections:
karta till Ten Island Swimrun

Please find below the course for Ten Island Swimrun:

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Elements and Distances for Ten Island Swimrun

How many sections are there and what are their respective lengths? Please see the table below for each section:

Sträcka Running Swimming Not
1 700 - Till Hälsö Hamn
2 - 50 Simning till Norra Småholmarna
3 100 - Norra Småholmarna
4 - 50 Simning till Hälsö Hamn
5 2000 - Löpning Hälsö Hamn till Stuvö Vale
6 - 30 Simning till Burö
7 1100 - Burö, Ängholmen
8 - 50 Simning till Äxholmen
9 510 - Äxholmen
10 - 200 Simning till Fånyttan
11 200 - Fånyttan
12 - 200 Simning till St. Rävholmen, Öckerö
13 450 - fr St Simning till Lilla Rävholmen
14 - 180 Alkeviken
15 3400 - Öckerö
16 - 230 Simning till Hönö
17 1300 - Röberga, Hönö
18 - 110 Ersdalsviken
19 900 - Kråkudden Simning till Räveskär
20 - 250 Räveskärsbukten
21 930 - Simning till Starrsvik, Lapposand
22 - 260 Simning till Starrsviksholmen
23 130 - Starrsviksholmen
24 - 400 Simning till Båtsmannsbratt
25 2430 - Hönö Klåva
26 - 160 Simning till Långholmen
27 250 - Långholmen
28 - 50 Simning till Hönö Klåva
29 200 - Mål!
Totalt 14600 2220 16820

Course description

The start of the race will take place at Vassvägen on Hälsö, where the participants of Ten Island Race will drop off their cayaks to start their swimrun section, across Hälsö to Stuvö harbour. Please follow the Hälsöpath north över Stuvö-Vale which is the highest point of Hälsö. Check in and run down towards the Hönöpath towards Burö ferry berth for the first (intentional) water passage over to Burö. Over Burö, the course will through running/ swimming/ wading reach Ängholmen. Once you have arrived at Ängholmen, the course goes on towards Äxholmen and Fårnyttan to later coming to the shore of Stora Rävholmen and the northern part of Öckerö.

Thereafter, the course wil move across the hills to Lilla Varholmen and include a swimming section across to Alkeviken (Öckerö) in order for you to reach the highest point and the checkpoint at Flauet. Thereafter you run past the Hjälvi beach and follow a gravel path to Saltars bays. Thereafter you will run on cliffs to Jakobs Bratt from where you will swim across to Hönö.

Om Hönö you will follw the cliffs west over Röbergen to the rough western headland where you will cross the Ersdal bay. The unning section will continue across the cliffs and the hills of the natural reserve of Ersdalen towards Kråkudden, whereafter you will swim across the Räveskärs bay to the Räveskärs headland. After this, follow the cliffs and beaches down towards the Lapposand bay where the longest and most challening swimming section awaits.

The Lapposand bay is crossed through swimmins via Starrsviksholmen to Båtsmans bratt. Here you will take aim for the Horses beach, where you will leave the rough seaside behind you. Hönös highest point, the water tower, is passed for a check point after which you continue towards the finishing area in Hönö Klåva and the spectator friendly finish. The finishin area is padded in order to reach the final swimming/ running section where you cross the harbour to Långholmen. Check in, run out on the pier, cross the harbour entrance to climb up onto the harbour and race to the finish line!

The organizers of the race reserve the right to change the above course without notifying the participants before the start. The organizers of the race will in their sole discretion determine which point of the islands that are deemed the highest.

This is not a race for someone that wishes to have predictable weather conditions. The weather and winds will have a huge impact on whether this will be an easy-going day in the archipelago or a struggle in order to even get to the finish line. Under any circumstances, we hope that this will be a fantastic experience for everyone that is participating in the race, and an achievement they can be proud of!