Classes/ Cost TIS

As a start we would like to invite everyone to participate in Ten Island swimrun! There are a couple of different alternatives which you as a contestant can study below:

Included in the registration fee:

  • Registration
  • Tickets to the dinner and party on the same evening as the race
  • Swim cap
  • The chance of winning nice prices from our partners

Registration fees and misc

All fees are given in SEK

Type Time Team Class Single Class
Standard 1 Mar – 30 Jun 1500 900
Late Adopter 1 jul – 10 aug 1800 1100
Max Time Men’s, 4 hrs
Women’s/ Mix, 5 hrs
Men’s, 4 hrs
Women, 5 hrs

Team Class

You compete in two member teams. Challenge yourself and a team mate/ friend/ colleague/ wife/ girlfriend. The different classes in Ten Island Swimrun are: Men’s, Women’s and Mixed.

Single Class

In the single class you compete with yourself to finish the race as fast as you possible can. Challenge yourself! Due to the race track and the possible conditions during the open water legs’ it is necessary to have experiece from open water swimming to participate in the single class.